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Mitch Smith

It is hard to believe its been one year already since The Hizzie was developed.  Since then we've been fortunate enough to do so many cool things and meet so many even cooler people.  I keep seeing this post pop-up on Facebook that people summarize it says friends and family are skeptical about another friend or family member starting a new business and would rather continue their existing buying habits versus supporting said friend or family matter.  It has been our experience that this couldn't be further from the truth.  The support from friends and family has been amazing!  The support from a segment of the community, that largely we didn't even know existed a year ago, has been remarkable!  If you hadn't guessed it yet, this inaugural post is a giant THANK YOU.  If you've bought our coffee, told someone about our coffee, hosted a pop up or helped with artwork, design or just listened to us talk endlessly about our passion for coffee and wanting to turn others on to specialty coffee - THANK YOU!!