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Fort Wayne Farmers Market


Fort Wayne Farmers Market

Mitch Smith

A city’s market is a glimpse into a city’s culture.   We’re excited to be a small part of an ever growing coffee culture in Fort Wayne all summer long.  Find us, along with our roomies Tamurai Tea, at the Fort Wayne Farmers Market every Saturday – 9 am – 1 pm.  More details to follow but we’ll have a fresh selection of fair trade organic, specialty coffee to choose from each week.  Beans only.  If you’re looking for the hot/cold stuff, we’ve got you covered there too.  Be sure to check out all our friends who will be serving up the good stuff.

 Rowe Coffee Co (Rowe Blend)
Amanda Lee Coffee (You Want It Darker)
Hetty Arts (Cold Brew)
Soul Kitchen (FTO Mexico Chiapas)
Summit Cold Brew (Farmers Market Blend)

 Artwork by Corey Purvis