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New, fully integrated monthly subscription service


New, fully integrated monthly subscription service

Mitch Smith

Introducing….our new, fully integrated monthly subscription service now available! Sign up for free local delivery, to ship anywhere in the US or pick up at our shop (we’ll let you know when it’s ready). You can now use your ‘Yellow Cup Coffee Club’ membership discount code (10% off everything when you buy our yellow cup) or any other discount codes you’ve acquired for monthly coffee subscriptions!

Additional items to note:

  1. Two pounds/month seems to be the sweet spot for most subscriptions. Now knowing that, we’ve added a two pound option to the site at a discounted rate. 2 lbs will come all in one, zip sealed and easy to store bag with a degassing valve to keep your coffee super fresh.

  2. Old subscribers - no worries, the old plans will still be supported. You are free to stay on your existing plan through MoonClerk or switch over to the new, integrated service. Either way, it’s cool.

  3. If you are looking for variety, we recommend our ‘Surprise Me"!’ option. This option will allow for you to taste our latest Limited Releases and anything else new we are working on (e.g., next limited release is a FTO Congo coffee and we have several new blends in the works). We’re flexible too, so if you find one you really really like, let us know and we can change your plan to that.

Check it out here and thanks, as always, for your support!