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Online specialty coffee roaster.

About Us

Yellow Cup Coffee Roasters is Fort Wayne’s only independent (no coffee shop) small batch, specialty coffee roaster.  At Yellow Cup, we fell in love with a cup long before we fell in love with coffee.  Fresh out of college and into our first office 9 – 5, coffee was simply a mechanism for caffeine delivery: a vessel requiring sweeteners or dairy products in order to be palatable.  We stumbled upon the perfect coffee cup in a thrift store on a lunch break, and now nearly two decades later, we still drink from it every day.

The perfect coffee cup deserves the perfect cup of coffee.  We’ve prepared our daily brew in every possible way in this pursuit of perfection, finally roasting our own small batch, specialty coffee.  In 2017, we started sharing our coffee with family, friends and colleagues and quickly realized this cup and its contents not only fueled our work-day, but ignited our spirit.  Our passion was born in that cup, and the joy of sharing it with others is the greatest feeling we’ve experienced.  Now we want to share it with you.

At Yellow Cup we pride ourselves on many things, especially our:

  • Beans – Ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable

  • Bag – Designed to be fully biodegradable and great for at home composting

  • Roaster – Always small batch (less than to 2 lbs./roast)